Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Live Blog: My First Ever Episode of Real World

Yes, I’ve never watched an episode of “The Real World”. I wouldn’t now, except that the Nihilist made Real World watching a condition of my parole from Guantanamo. I know nothing about the show except what I’ve read from the Nihilist’s posts, but that’s never stopped me from opining in the past. I will be very surprised if it’s half as good (and less phony) than my favorite show, “The OC”.
9:00 PM: That was a lame intro.
9:01 PM: They’re in a bar, okay, so far it’s believable.
9:02 PM: Apparently one of the kids is too sick to party. Kids today are real candy asses.
9:03 PM: Oh sure, now he’s well enough to have sex with that slut in the shower, but not to go out drinking. Hey housemates, have you ever heard of giving people who are getting it on in the shower some privacy?
9:05 PM: Flee that clingy chick Danny! When you do get well enough to go out, she’ll break your kneecaps to keep you in.
9:06 PM: Now they are talking about making a film. They were just paid for doing apparently nothing.
9:08 PM: I made it to the first commercial. Danny still hasn’t decided whether or not to dump the slutty chick and go after the groupies. These Real World guys have groupies? My faith in society has already plummeted and I’ve only watched ten minutes.
9:14 PM: I finally agree with something said by one of the characters: Sex in the City night at a bar is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. How would that even work? If you complain to the bartender about your sex life you get 50% off your drink?
9:15 PM: Let me get this straight, Danny won’t go out because he’s embarrassed about people seeing his injured eye – BUT HE’S SHOWING IT ON NATIONAL TV! What logic! I bet they’re all lefties.
9:17 PM: The guys are now shopping for cheerleaders online.
9:19 PM: “Girls are sneaky bitches.” Don’t generalize Real World guy.
9:19 PM: Second commercial break. I must say, I haven’t been blown away.
9:22 PM: One of the worst things about watching MTV is the ads.
9:23 PM: I still haven’t seen a babe as hot as Summer or Marissa from the OC, although some of the cheerleaders they ordered via the internet are hot.
9:27 PM: How romantic, the clingy chick is holding Danny in the toilet as he’s throwing up. Danny would do the same for her she says. Is that a preview of next week’s episode?
9:28 PM: They’re going to their “job”. One of the chicks seems interested, but no one else is doing anything. Wow, that was a useful meeting.
9:29 PM: Do they need anyone else in the house besides Danny and his clingy girlfriend? Danny is the only name I’ve learned; they barely show anyone else.
9:30 PM: Next week’s preview: Danny gets bad news and bawls like a baby. I can’t wait.

WRAP-UP: I don’t see why anyone watches “The Real World” – “The OC” is far superior. But this was another successful live blog! Let’s see Captain Ed top this one.


Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

Not the greatest episode tonight. Like most shows (or blog posts) 20-25% are good and the rest are just filler. The good shows will be when:

- One of the roomates thinks she might be pregnant (or may have VD)
- A roomate's disapproving parent visits
- The boss gets sick of a roomate's crappy work ethic and threatens to fire him/her
- The roomates who are dating break up

I will alert you when the next "good" episode is coming up.

10:24 PM  
Blogger rew said...

- roommates get to go on a surprising trip to a foreign country and hilarity results.

3:39 PM  

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