Saturday, July 23, 2005

Top 11 Indications that John Roberts’ Four Year Old Son is Gay

11. His conservative mother rolls her eyes whenever his name is mentioned.
10. He is upset that the NHL strike is settled because now there will be fewer arenas available for figure skating shows.
9. His favorite Teletubby: Tinky Winky.
8. He is the child of arch-conservatives, and they all turn out gay.
7. He has worn plaid pants.
6. He is engaged to Liza Minelli.
5. He redesigns the interior of his tree fort on a weekly basis.
4. His gaze lingers a little too long on Sponge Bob’s square pants.
3. He throws a tantrum every time the family goes on vacation somewhere other than Key West or P-Town.
2. He organizes his friends in games of “Gay Eye for the Toddler Guy”.
1. He thinks Wonkette is funny.


Blogger Pangur Ban said...

Careful, are falling into the liberal thought-trap that even four-year-olds are self-aware of their gender neutrality.

What's next---"Sandra Day-O Has Two Mommies?"

Tzar Lazar

9:05 PM  

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