Friday, July 15, 2005

Top 11 Pieces of Dirt on Mark Yost

We have gotten about 15 or so google hits (many from the MSM) over the last couple of days looking for dirt on Mark Yost, the controversial Associate Editorial Page Editor for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. While we have plenty of dirt on Mark Yost, we hadn’t posted any of it because we were unaware of his colleague’s interest. So, for the benefit of his MSM colleagues, here are the Top 11 pieces of dirt on Mark Yost:

11. He served in the military.
10. He is from Brooklyn.
9. He wrote for that capitalist paper, the Wall Street Journal (and the J Peterman catalog).
8. He is a Yankees fan.
7. His wife is from a red state and his son is named after a bloodthirsty militarist.
6. Worse than the military, he served in the marines!
5. He lives in a palatial lakeside estate.
4. He has been known to associate with evil bloggers like David Strom and Captain Fishsticks.
3. He has come out against the Honeymooners movie.
2. He has focused interest on his newspaper, and there is nothing a small, humble, second place newspaper hates more.
1. He thinks Jeanine Garafalo is good looking.

UPDATE: We have had another visitor from the Pioneer Press whom arrived via the google search string: "mark yost" fat lady. Although we come up first in this search, we have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of any kind of relationship between Mark Yost and Molly Ivins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: item #6, I read an old op/ed from Yost suggests he served in the Navy, not the Corps...

Take the time to read the piece -- very nicely done.

I, too, come from a military family, and was in uniform roughly the same time Yost was.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your research lacks depth...having gone to high school with Mark Yost, I can confirm that he is not originally from Brooklyn, although there is nothing wrong with that. Having the inability to determine where Mark is originally from,(a relatively easy find), makes me wonder about the amount of research spent on your other 10 "pieces of dirt".

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Yost grew up in Bath, New York
and he was in the Navy.

Get your facts straight, and spare me the rest of the "dirt."

Way to go ~ Yosty.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the reason you have been receiving a lot of requests on Mr. Yost is because of an article he wrote stating that Buffalo Bill's fans were the worst fans of any sport. Being from the Buffalo area myself i think it's fair to say there might be a few people a little upset with him. Myself included.

2:19 PM  
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