Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top 11 Possible Reasons Rabuse On The Right Is No Longer On AM 1280, The Patriot

11. Finally realized his show wasn't being broadcast nationally
10. Hugh Hewitt's staff quit doing his prep work for him
9. Disbarred and no longer needs to advertise his legal services
8. Stormed out after Mitch Berg bought the last Almond Joy from Patriot vending machine
7. Found a better deal on Air America
6. Didn't want to put up with all the freaks that show up at the fair
5. Margaret from Taxpayer's League Live had him offed in a power grab
4. Heard the Nihilist had written a parody theme song for him
3. Tired of doing a radio show every Saturday morning with a massive hangover
2. He had a change in political philosophy and went off to jihad
1. Lost a loser-leaves-town pose-down with David Strom


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