Friday, July 08, 2005

Rock Solid in the Blogosphere

Over the past couple of years, many have been predicting that the blogosphere would take a major dent out of the Main Stream Media’s market share. While initially inroads were made, the MSM now seems to be holding its own. I believe I know the reason for the recent sluggishness: the blogosphere does not bestow enough awards upon itself.

Sure, we have some major awards (for example, the Blogs of Distinction awards at Frater Libertas) but how about a quarterly recognition for the day-to-day heroes of the New Media?

The St. Paul Pioneer Press regularly recognizes staff members who’ve successfully done their jobs by bestowing upon them the “Rock Solid” award. We in the blogosphere shouldn’t be afraid to steal their good idea. Therefore, I recommend instituting a quarterly award: Rock Solid in the Blogosphere.

Allow me to make the first nomination for the third quarter ’05 award:

ATOMIZER (by Sisyphus)
Atomizer is one of the blogoshpere’s unsung heroes. He epitomizes everything that a blogger should strive for. Furthermore, as a licensed architect, he knows the importance of “Rock Solid”.

His productivity is extraordinary, especially since he must balance blogging with work, family, and drinking.

Atomizer is willing to go the extra mile for the story whether it involves the musical ignorance of a national talk radio host, praising the assault on a comet with a space probe, plugging his Dad’s book, or exposing the architectural fraud that is Ralph Rapson.

Atomizer also was quick to investigate all manner of Minnesota sports debacles to bring to the reader his unique and sensitive insights. Atomizer has pursued the Matthew LeCroy and Luis Rivas stories with a balance of compassion and doggedness.

His passion shines through all the time, and I consider myself honored to be one of his readers.

NOTE: When submitting your nominations, no Viagra jokes please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah...he's okay...I guess.

But the true unsung hero of that Farters site is JB Doubtless!

His post on wearing jeans while he rode his bicycle epitomized the understated class that the blogosphere should be about.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Marty said...

I want to nominate Kevin Ecker for the Rock Solid Award

Kevin's humorous edge and dry wit have been a solid foundation for the MOB. He took a brutal beating from Cathy in the Right in St. Cloud and laughed about it.

Kevin is also no dummy. When he's not being drop to the floor funny, he's being right. His posts on the SCOTUS Kelo decision and the London terrorist attacks show that he has an analytic mind to match the funny.

Also, I don't think Kevin has ever made a viagra joke.

10:36 AM  

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