Sunday, July 03, 2005

Top 11 Search Strings that Led to Disappointing Visits to NIGP

11. “reese witherspoon, ryan phillipe, divorce” Dream on. This is a match made in heaven.
10. “puritan pants” More like “Catholic Pants”.
9. “golf limericks” There once was a golfer from Nantucket …
8. “Kessel hockey weaknesses” Tough luck cheeseheads – Kessel has no weaknesses.
7. “"Antonia Bernath" nude” Hmmmm, maybe it’s time to reconsider our graphics ban.
6. “padme jumpsuit” It’s definitely time to reconsider our graphics ban.
5. “melinda austin real world fake breasts” Is the world really less fake than the breasts?
4. “How to be happy in a loveless marriage” Two words: fake breasts.
3. “karl rove nihilist” I’m guessing Lawrence O’Donnell did this search.
2. “nihilist books” I’m glad you asked. Watch for the upcoming “Nihilist in Golf Pants Guide to The Real World: Austin, Texas”.
1. “breasts in golf” Is there anything that isn’t made better by including breasts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for whose to blame for the Minnesota shutdown ?
Yup, blame me. See I wasted my vote believing that someone promoting fiscal prudence and shared sacrifices. I should have realized that Tim Penny could not win and voted for Roger Moe. Don't you agree that Roger Moe would have forced a compromise ?

Somehow, Tim Pawenty does not realize that a majority of Minnesota voters did not vote for him.
That stated, he proudly noted the good actions of the current session. Yep, he's right. The bonding bill got done ... oh, wait a second, wasn't the bonding bill supposed to be done last year. The Conceal and Carry Law was enacted ... oh, wait, didn't they do that last year .. oh, yah, the Courts ruled that was improperly enacted by the legislature, so its a redo. And surely it was a personal pleasure for GovTim to veto of the gas-tax bill ... passed by MN Republicans and DFLers.

The political axiom is that incumbents get reelected because of their name recognition and the voters' short memories. Well, I got a memory.

One serious suggestion for the legislature, next year, Dean Johnson and House Speaker Steve Sviggum should not offer their services as leaders.

7:10 AM  

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