Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Top 11 Flavors of Ice Cream that I Don't Want to Try

My Yahoo homepage had a story on the top searches for "ice cream." With summer here, "ice cream" searches are up 25% over the weekend. While a cool ice cream on a hot day can be good, there are several flavors in the Yahoo story that I don't want to try. Here is my top 11 list of such flavors:

11. Avocado - Served with corn chips?
10. Balsamic Vinegar & Strawberries - vinegar?
9. Licorice - I never cared for the black stuff
8. Goat Milk - Sounds French
7. Green Tea - I'll admit coffee flavor is good, but this sounds horrible
6. Budweiser - I'd rather have Summit
5. Jalapeno - For the love of God, ice cream is supposed to be sweet
4. Pop Rocks - I heard a kid died from eating this
3. Cryogenic - Ted Williams favorite?
2. Crunchy Frog - Hat tip to Monty Python
1. Jim Jones Kool Aid - Goes without saying


Blogger TFB said...

The only ice cream that should touch anyone's lips comes from this company:

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