Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Untold Story of Rick Monday and the Flag

Yesterday, Mitch over at Shotinthedark posted (later appearing on both Powerline and Cap'n Ed's site) about Rick Monday and how he ripped an American flag from a couple of young commie pinkos who tried to start it on fire during a game in 1976 (yes, Nihilist it was 1976).

Great story. But most people don't know that the two young men in question were actually none other than John and Scott themselves! They obviously feel tremendous guilt about their actions now and are trying to make amends, but I think admitting publicly that they were the pinko commies in question would go a long way.

Unless they were conservatives at the time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think John and Scott are fairly typical baby boomers who came to this whole conservative thing a little late in life.

My guess is that when the drugs, dames and draft cards were burning freely, they grabbed with both hands.

Then, after they actually had something to lose, they started down the conservative path.

I'm not saying I'm cooler because I was a conservative when I was 15--wait, no, that IS what I'm saying.

I had a bumper sticker that said "I Support The Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters" when I was a sophmore in high scrool.

John and Scott probably had McGovern bumper stickers.

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