Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Keep On Whoring in the Real World

Last Tuesday was the premier of the latest season of "The Real World: Austin, Texas" on MTV. Last night I got caught up on all the media-whoring action. There are some key surprises this year. There are several interesting things about this season and the cast.

Every few years, they cast one Republican among the seven housemates. This is one of those years, featuring an Iraq War vet named Rachel. She may be a log cabin type Republican, though, as she made out with a hot blond roommate named Melinda in the first episode. She is still far more conservative than anyone I've ever seen on the show. In episode 2, she boos when her boss tells her he worked with Michael Moore.

Aside from the kiss between the two girls in an attempt to titillate the guys in the house, there appear to be no homosexual roommates, a Real World rarity, although there is the often cast virgin freak named Lacey. Melinda and other roommate Johanna both appear to be hosebags. Melinda claimed she was going to stay faithful to a boyfriend back home. That is until they broke up in episode 2. Johanna got drunk and danced on top of a bar in episode 1.

There are three guys: one black named Nehemiah and two white, Wes and Danny. Nehemiah appears to be fairly normal, though not too smart. Wes started the show dumb and ugly. Danny was thought to be cute for the first half of the first episode. Then some Texan literally rearranged his face, with a punch that broke a bone in his skull and threatens to blind him in one eye. You should watch the first episode just for this. Now Danny has to wear a mask like the Phantom of the Opera.

If you don't have time to watch "The Real World," but would like to keep up, check out Planet Socks. Planet Socks features great episode analysis like these tidbits:

Nehemiah and Rachel meet somewhere on the University of Texas campus. Where's Charles Whitman when you need him?


Nehemiah is from California and just graduated from college with a degree in media arts. "I knew I wanted to do film . . . so I had to get out of California." Yeah, I had to check the closed captioning two or three times on that one myself. You can't make up shit that ridiculously stupid.

Of course, we at NIGP will keep you posted too.


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