Friday, July 29, 2005

A Big Thank You

Scott Johnson congratulates fellow PowerLiner John Hinderacker on being named "Super Lawyer of the Year" by Minnesota Law & Politics Magazine and adds a personal note:

And as his long-time friend, I would add that among the things he's taught me is the highest form of charity -- helping others without letting them know that you're helping them.

I agree with Scott that it is indeed most noble to help others without letting them know that you have helped them. And since I am not aware of John ever helping me or my young protege Sisyphus either, I can only conclude that we have benefited from his most righteous generosity. In fact, I'm sure I speak for most of the Minnesota blogosphere when I sincerely say: thank you John Hinderacker for not ever giving us any inkling that you might have have helped us in even the smallest of ways.


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