Friday, August 05, 2005

The Kool Aid Report Can Teach Us A Lot About How Carve up A Moonbat's Argument

Since The Kool-Aid Report just published a Top 11 List, maybe we should steal one of their bits:

Moron Mail

Since KAR uses this feature on the Star & Sickle and their AAA league counterpart in St. Paul, we'll have to make due with USA Today from 8/4/05, featuring this doozie from militant pro-abortionist Nancy Northrup, who thinks any limit on abortion are unreasonable.

Laura Vanderkam writes that the Center for Reproductive Rights has overestimated the impact of a Roe reversal. What she fails to recognize is that state legislatures across this country are already passing laws that would virtually ban abortion procedures including those in the first trimester.
Why would such actions stop in the advent of a Roe reversal?

Last year, Michigan passed a law that could essentially ban all abortions in that state, and having a Democratic governor didn't make any difference. Anti-choice lawmakers managed to override the governor's veto of the legislation. Sixty percent of Rhode Island voters may have voted for John Kerry for president, but the state's constitution explicitly says that it doesn't protect abortion rights. Moreover, the House and Senate are anti-choice, as is the governor.

That's right moonbat! You see our government has checks and balances. Just because you want the courts to be dictators doesn't make it so. Abortion is a controversial issue and different states will naturally treat the subject differently you fascist wacko!

Next comes either the stupidest statement or the biggest lie I've seen in a long time:

This year alone, 27 anti-choice laws have been enacted. Laws like these are currently being challenged in court. Without Roe protecting a woman's right to decide if, when and how often she becomes pregnant, such cases would likely be lost and those laws would likely be in effect.

Sorry, lying scum. Roe v. Wade has nothing to do with a woman's right to decide if, when and how often she becomes pregnant. Abortion ends a pregnancy, by killing and removing the baby. It does not prevent it. Nancy Northrup tells lies like this because she does not want you to believe that fact. If Nancy Northrup said, I believe an adult woman should be able to choose not to put up with the inconveniences of pregnancy, and should have the right to kill her unborn child, I would give her credit for being honest. Instead she tells us something we all know is false.

Ms. Vanderkam not only drastically underestimates the determination of anti-choice legislators, she also disregards the host of legal battles currently keeping anti-abortion laws at bay and preventing a return to back-alley abortions.
Nancy Northup, president, Center for Reproductive Rights, New York

Ah, the wonders of the back-alley abortion argument. Legal fact: if Roe were overturned, different states may limit abortion differently. This is the way the founders intended any controversial issue that was not included in the constitution. Fascist twinks like Ms. (I'm sure I'm right) Northrup want to take the power from the states and consolidate it with the Supreme court . . . as long as the court agrees with them. If a new Supreme Court were to declare all abortions illegal, she would no longer support the power being there.

Wow,channeling Learned Foot gets one worked up. I'm off for a Summit.


Anonymous Doug said...

What? You're leaving it there? No haiku?

8:38 PM  
Blogger LearnedFoot said...

Whoa! It's like looking into a mirror. Do I really sound so vitriolic? I bet you hurt that poor woman's feelings.


I have seen the light. From now on, I shall moderate my tone, and write only about wine, art and cute puppies.

World: get ready to meet the new, kinder, gentler LearnedFoot!

It'll be swell!

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