Sunday, August 14, 2005

Could This Be the True Reason for Nick Coleman’s Departure?

Long time readers of this blog know that I am a big supporter of my fellow member of the local Economic/Political/Media elite, Nick Coleman. While others (including, sadly, some on this blog) were gloating over Mr. Coleman’s firing from Air America Minnesota, I was offering up bittersweet reminisces of my favorite moments.

It is always a sad moment when a man with a couple of families to feed loses one of his jobs, but under the circumstances I can’t really blame Air America Minnesota for forcing Mr. Coleman out (if that is indeed what happened) in light of this case noted by Drudge: An arbitrator has ordered a San Francisco radio station to pay $270,000 to a man who was outed as gay on the air.

Given Nick Coleman’s propensity for calling Republicans gay on his radio show, Air America Minnesota was looking at a huge liability. Each $875,000 loan from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club would cover a mere 3.2 outings; Nick could go through that money in one segment.

While it’s sad to see Mr. Coleman lose his job, it’s hard to blame his former employer. At least he has the columnist gig to fall back on.


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