Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ron Mexico's Not Ready For Some Football

This week marked the official kickoff of the 2005 NFL pre-season schedule. Fans are getting excited and armchair quarterbacks are talking up their team. Many fans are going to to order hero jerseys of their favorite players. Many are paying $100 or more for a replica bearing the number of their favorite player.

However, if you are an Atlanta Falcoln fan, the NFL has some new rules around the type of jersey you can get for a C-note. The most popular Falcoln jersey is the #7 worn by quarterback Michael Vick. Per the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the NFL has mandated that none of their official merchandisers may sell an Atlanta #7 jersey bearing the name "Mexico." This action begs the question, what does the NFL have against Mexico?

According to The Smoking Gun, Michael Vick has had some legal troubles. 26 year-old Sonya Elliott is suing Vick for an unspecified amount, based on the allegation that Vick gave her Herpes Simplex II.

Elliott's complaint also contends that Vick "apologized profusely" for not telling her he was infected with the STD. Elliot's lawsuit alleges that Vick has used the name "Ron Mexico" and, in a related court filing, her lawyers are seeking Vick's admission that he used the "Mexico" alias--and perhaps other fake names--"for the purpose of herpes testing and/or treatment."


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