Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This Ain't Your Father's Brittanica

As you may or may not realize, all of our posts at NIGP are the product of extensive research and fact-checking. While preparing a future piece on Britney Spears, I discovered something amazing. Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia has an entry under the category "White Trash."

Wikipedia's definition of what makes a person "white trash" is fascinating. The following are several of the characteristics Wikipedia considers common to "white trash" :

- Abnormally low hygiene standards.
- Lazy and will take advantage of anything and everything they can.
- Mentally challenged due to the lack of discipline or due to the presence of broken homes growing up.
- Self-centered and care mainly about themselves.
- Couch potatoes with poor physical health due to lack of exercise and poor diet.
- Engage in loud public arguments about petty matters.

It then uses The Jerry Springer Show to provide an example of "white trash" culture in America today.

I know everyone expects a Coleman/Billings joke at this point, but I am above that.


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