Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Obligatory OPG Post

As Kool-Aid Report readers know, an Obnoxious Packer Guy (OPG) has been camped out in front of the home of former Packer’s defensive coordinator Bob Slowik demanding a meeting. Until now, I have refrained from commenting on the issue because I am loath to criticize a Packer fan that has had to suffer the nearly unimaginable grief of losing a home playoff game to the Vikings (by a score of 31-17, no less).

But, I cannot let the biased reporting on the Kool-Aid Report go unchallenged. Here are some facts you won’t see reported on KAR:
* In fact, OPG met with Slowik last February, and is quoted as referring to Slowik as “A great defensive mind”.
* There even exists a picture of OPG kissing Slowik at that meeting.
* OPG has made no mention of Favre’s five interceptions in the playoff loss to the Vikings. These can hardly be blamed on Slowik.
* OPG has participated in a conference call and strategy session with new Packers Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates.
* OPG has ignored the fact that Bates laid an egg as Defensive Coordinator and Interim Head Coach of the pathetic Miami Dolphins (they tied Cleveland for the worst record in the AFC).
* Jane Fonda’s vegetable oil powered bus is scheduled to make an appearance and Slowik’s neighbors are already complaining about OPG's stench.
* OPG has blamed previous Packer losses on “a cabal of Jewish referees”.
* Nick Coleman has reportedly requested use of the StarTribune jet to cover OPG ’s vigil.
* Maureen Dowd: “the moral authority of Packer fans who have survived the last couple of seasons is absolute.”
* The Daily Kos has praised OPG for demonstrating a Packer fan's love of his team.
* OPG is known to regularly urinate in the sink of the Lambeau Field bathroom.

How long will KAR continue to ignore these facts?


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