Friday, January 28, 2005

Top 11 Compromise Names for Olson Memorial Highway

David Strom of the Taxpayers League has long advocated renaming the Floyd B. Olson Highway after Ronald Reagan. The case against Olson is strong: he was a far-far-left Governor and quite possibly corrupt. But, let’s get serious. The Democrats will never allow the renaming of the Highway after Reagan. So to help bring both sides together and heal the wounds from the last election (and to show that the Old Sisyphus hasn't gone anywhere) I propose the top 11 compromise new names for the Floyd. B. Olson Highway.

11. The Strip
10. Randy Moss Pantsway
9. Nihilist In Golf Pantsway
8. Drive By Drive
7. Paul And Sheila Wellstone Memorial Walkway
6. Nick Coleman Sr. and Deborah Howell Highway
5. Genghis Khan Swarmway
4. Bob Dylan Positively Not Fourth Street
3. Why Are You Even Driving When We Have A Trainway
2. Rudy Boschwitz Boulevard
1. Avenue of the New Stadiums


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've update the press release section on the Taxpayers League website. Now there's actually some reference to our Floyd Olson release from Wednesday. My vote is for the "Why are you even driving when we have a trainway."

- your trivia partner partner from last night, Mark

10:13 AM  

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