Sunday, June 18, 2006


At some point this summer, I will take a vacation. Certain local bloggers have adopted a practice of inviting a guest blogger to post while they take theirs. This makes me wonder who I should get to post here when I take my vacation. Here are the top 11:

11. Learned Foot - nah, it's been done

10. Atomizer - he can't even post to his own blog

9. Swiftee - see above

8. Scott Johnson - NIGP is notoriously light on posts about Muddy Waters saving civilization

7. AAA - What's one more blog to the guy who has half a dozen

6. Commenter Michelle Joy - on second thought, Mark Yost tried having a substitute liberal on The Patriot Insider and it didn't work too well

5. Which reminds me, I could ask Mark Yost

4. Margaret Martin -too much gardening news?

3. Sisyphus could do extra, under the name Jerktown Romeo

2. The ideal guest blogger is the lovely and talented Mary Katharine Ham, who appears to be looking to make a positive change

1. Of course, I would probably just get over myself and go on vacation without hiring a guest blogger


Anonymous eva young said...

Footliest and Swiftee?


Why am I not being consedered? I'm avalable and redy to go!

Will the Nihilist in Golf Pants ask freakwentle qwoted blogosphere star Eva Young to gest write his blog?

Or will blatente homofowbea bigetry keep Eva from takeing control?


4:58 PM  

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