Saturday, June 10, 2006

Top 11 Things Overheard In The Audience Of The Prairie Home Companion Movie

11. When is he going to tell us about how we’re all going to die from global warming?

10. Wow, this is a rare career misstep by Woody Harrelson

9. I still can’t believe that Cars, The Omen, The Break-Up, The X-Men, Over The Hedge, The Da Vinci Code, MI-3, Poseidon, and RV were all sold out

8. I would listen to the show, but I don’t know how to change my radio from WCCO

7. Excuse me sir, but could you keep your snoring down, oh, never mind

6. It’s a pity that the snack bar doesn’t have Powdermilk biscuits

5. Is that blond woman Paris Hilton?

4. I really think the government should have paid for all of our tickets

3. I hope the guy sitting behind us gets another call on his cell – his ring tone is very amusing

2. Do you think the repairman is done fixing our air conditioner yet?

1. This movie is terrible – I blame Bush


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