Thursday, June 01, 2006

Powerline Style Media Alert V

It's time for the right to take back The Patriot Insider. After a three week absence, Mark Yost returns to try to restore control and brings me along for the ride Saturday at 9-11 am in AM 1280 the Patriot.

We will be broadcasting from the state Republican convention in downtown Minneapolis. We will have oodles of guests including candidates. As Yostie put it, it will be like the Jerry Lewis telethon.

Also, I will be preparing a better late than never review of The Da Vinci Code. Here is a top 11 list of things you won't hear:

11. Talk about the need for raising taxes

10. Talk about socialized medicine

9. An "expert" on blogs that recommends Daily Kos

8. Talk about campaign finance reform

7. Negative comments on gridlock

6. Anyone asking who Thomas Sowell is

5. A review of the 11 best movies about used cars

4. A review of Al Gore's movie (I refused to go)

3. Representatives of any goofball third parties

2. Discussion of one of Patty Wetterling's policy ideas ('cause she has none)

1. A dramatic reading of Jim Klobuchar's column calling citizens to vandalize Met Stadium


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go figure, but the current link that doesn't work on Nihilist:

You should replace it with this one:

Thanks for the link. And personally, you can't beat Used Cars with Kurt Russel in the Genre.


12:15 PM  
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