Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Top 11 Tunes That Just Missed Inclusion In John J. Miller's Lists of Conservative Rock

John J. Miller has now posted two lists of his top 50 "conservative rock songs." The problem is many of the songs aren't conservative. Here are the top 11 entries that just missed the list.

11. Paradise By the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf - It has a pro-abstinence message

10. Gimme Back My Bullets - Lynyrd Skynyrd - An anti-gun control anthem

9. Money - Pink Floyd - 'Cause all good conservatives love money

8. Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath - Conservatives see things in absolutes

7. Brown Sugar - Pro-slavery or anti-drug? Either works for conservatives

6. Stairway to Heaven - A song about how to get to heaven? F*** yeah!

5. I'm All Right - Kenny Loggins - A positive, Reaganite Message

4. I Think I'm Going Bald - Rush - It may seem a stretch, but nearly every other Rush song is on the list and a possible inspiration for Mitch Berg's conservatism, could it have saved his life?

3. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple - Years ahead of its time, a protest of the smoking bans

2. Rock and Roll All Night - Kiss - It poses an alternative to crime for at-risk youth

1. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - Just because it's a gay anthem doesn't mean it isn't conservative


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