Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup Live Blog: U.S.A. vs Czech Republic

10:59 AM: For the first time in years (first time ever?) analysts are giving Team U.S.A. a shot at advancing out of the first round. They're in Group E with Ghana, Italy, and the Czech Republic, a tough draw but certainly doable.

11:01 AM: Are you ready for some Football! America's World Cup '06 run has officially begun!

11:03 AM: Holding ... Holding .... Holding ...

11:05 AM: GGGGOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL for Czech Republic. No need to panic, it is still early.

11:10 AM: Holding ... Holding ... Holding ...

11:27 AM: Shots are even at one per team. Team U.S.A. has the edge in ball possession.

11:36 AM: Another GGGGOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL for the Czechs. They have an insurmountable 2-0 lead.

This live blog is OVER.


Blogger Citizen Grim said...

holy hell, soccer is so boring

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I thought you were cool when you admitted to watching "Road Rules/Real World Challenge."
But you're a soccer afficionado, too ?
You rule.

Essentially, the Czechs capitalized on our poor defensive marking on the first goal, and failure to clear the ball effectively on the other two.

We weren't aggressive in our counterattacks, and Arena probably ought not have had 3 guys whom traditionally play the left flanking midfield position in the game at the same time (Eddie Lewis, DaMarcus Beasley, Bobby Convey.)
I would have started Bocangegra at left defender in place of Lewis, and started Clint Dempsey at right flanking midfielder in place of Beasley. I would have started Convey as Arena did.

Beasley is left-footed, is shaky with his right foot, and therefore ought not have been playing on the right hand side---at least not if you have Dempsey available.

We really need to work the Italians on Saturday.

I'm calling it right now, we're gonna see some controversial calls/non-calls which favor Italy.

I saw the game they played vs. Ghana this past Monday, and there were some pretty sketchy non-calls that favored Italy.

I'm no conspiracy nut, but the Italian Serie A league is currently knee-deep in a bribery & match-fixing scandal.

If they're bribing refs at home, why not at the World Cup ?

I should follow boxing or horse racing, instead. Those are honest sports.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I need to pat myself on the back for my soccer analysis.

In my above comment the other day, I stated that against the Czech Republic, Coach Arena ought to have started Bocanegra at left defender, and Dempsey at right flanking midfielder---and that's exactly what Arena did in today's match vs. the Italians.

But my key analysis was the foreshadowing of bribery of the refs.
There's no question this ref from Uruguay is getting a suitcase full of cash from the Italians.
This was a horribly reffed game, and then on the ABC postgame, it was revealed that this same ref was suspended by FIFA in 2002 for 'irregularities' in his past officiating.

Like I said, if the Italians are bribing refs in their own league, what's to stop them from bribing refs in the World Cup ?
Uh, nothing, apparently.

It's enough to convert me to nihilism.

4:42 PM  
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