Tuesday, April 11, 2006

By Any Other Name, He'd Still Smell Like B.O.

MoveOn.org recently sent out an e-mail whining about their view that the voting machines used in presidential elections are, in their opinion, biased. Their goal was to raise money to demand paper voting records.

The letter in itself wasn't as outrageous or disturbing as most of the garbage that comes out of MoveOn.org. In fact it was completely unremarkable, save for one interesting fact. The e-mail was signed by someone named Noah T. Winer. I assume his last name is pronounced like "whiner."

The Misanthropic Frat Boy, upon seeing this asked the question, "If you were gonna make up a parody name for a guy from MoveOn could you come up with something better than Noah T. Winer?"

Here are my top 11 attempts:

11. Warren D. Rich
10. Nada Smart
9. Noah Dickens
8. George W. Hader
7. Boon Matt
6. Phil McCrackin
5. Libby Toole
4. Buck Fush
3. Lou Zehrer
2. George Soroslosoros
1. M. T. Head


Blogger BlitzGaulAgain said...

Vladimir Stalin

John Aravosis

3:25 AM  

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