Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Top 4 Indications That the Star Tribune Will Do Anything to Keep a Republican Governor

4. They’ve spent the last couple of years giving lots of pub to the weakest possible DFL candidate

3. The latest Minnesota Poll doesn't showed Hatch with a huge double digit lead

2. Preparing to run a story that Hatch was the NFL official who refused to call the Drew Pearson push off in the 1975 NFC playoff game against the Vikings

1. Every day for the last month, the solution to the cryptogram has been “REELECT TPAW HE IS THE BEST GOVERNOR EVER”


Blogger Jeff said...

Top 4? Not 11? I'm all confused. I'll have to soothe myself with the Brokeback Prayer.

Now I lay me down to sheep...

7:26 PM  

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