Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Okie Grandma Takes Out The Trash

Another great tale of law-abiding citizens blasting worthless criminals from this month's NRA magazine America's First Freedom:

It seemed odd, even a bit suspicious, when a man knocked on 81-year-old Edna Songer's door twice in one day, the first time claiming to be looking for a dog and the second asking for a glass of water.

Police say that when the man returned for a third time, Songer tucked away a .25 caliber pistol and went to the door, where she saw the man and an accomplice jerking on her screen door until it's latch hook came out.

Both men were dressed in camouflage and one had a roll of duct tape. Songer shot through the screen door, causing both men to flee.

Hugo Daily News, Hugo OK 5/19/2006

A little disappointing there at the end that the bullets didn't make contact with criminal flesh, but a good story nontheless.


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