Tuesday, July 18, 2006

St. Foot the Martyr

The Matt Entenza of the local blogosphere is threatening to quit again because finally a principled blogger has stood up to his Wisconsin sharp cheddar rantings. I say good riddance to you and your cheddar-headed supporters who are supposedly leaving comments and sending e-mails urging you to stay (although there are no comments on the “Woe is Me” post as I write this). If you can’t stand the heat, maybe you should get out of the cheesery.

Foot shows how unprincipled his defense of Wisconsin sharp cheddar is by his comments on the best of all cheeses, Gorgonzola. He says “Gorgonzola's barely even a cheese; it's a salad topping.” Well, Entenza, just because a cheese is quite tasty on a salad doesn’t make it any less of a cheese. In fact, most would chock that up as a point in its favor.

What good is the American cheese industry if it abandons its principles or can’t make a decent Gorgonzola? In this case, it doesn’t make a lick of difference whether we’re eating Wisconsin cheese or foreign cheese.

Oh and why should I have to go find you and tell you this to your face? You know where to find me on Thursday nights if you want hear this to your face.

You can read me speaking Principle to Cheddar in the comments to this post , this post, and this post. This is all I intend to say on this matter.

You may leave messages in the comments praising my principles.

UPDATE: It probably was a mistake for me to post this; it has really driven Foot off the deep end. I wrote it to let off some steam, but I should have left it in the draft folder. I apologize, but you have to admit that everything in it is absolutely true. Except maybe comparing Foot to a martyr as martyrs usually have and follow principles. I now consider this matter closed.


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