Friday, July 14, 2006

The Markets Have Spoken (And We’re Winning)

As long time readers know, on George W. Bush’s second inaugural day, I made a small purchase of Halliburton stock (100,000 shares at $41.62). That investment has been everything I hoped it would be. Despite recently losing a big Army contract (what’s up with that Rummy?) Halliburton is still up over 70.

This got me wondering about what kind of investment I would have made if I were a lefty rooting for Bush to fail. What would be the ideal blue-state stock investment? The answer is obvious: The New York Times Company.

If you listen to the lefties, you’d think everything was going there way in the Bush second term. But what do the markets say? In the chart below, we compare the performances of the quintessential red-state stock with the quintessential blue-state stock:

Halliburton up 77.2%, New York Times Company down 39%. Maybe harming national security doesn’t pay as well as they thought.


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