Thursday, July 06, 2006

Top 11 Reasons to Attend Keegan's Scotch and Cigar Night

Tomorrow night promises to be the highlight of the summer dark liquor drinking season with the Keegan's Scotch and Cigar night extravaganza. Premium scotches provided by Keegan's Pub, fine cigars provided by St. Croix Cigars, and a led discussion by recognized experts in the field (and no, that doesn't mean the Atomizer). It all starts at 7 PM at Keegan's. No reservations required, just come on down!

For those few of you still on the fence, we present the Top 11 Reasons to Attend Keegan's Scotch and Cigar Night:

11) To hear bar manager Marty Newton attempt to pronounce the word "Glenmorangie"

10) To hear bar manager Marty Newton attempt to pronounce the word "scotch"

9) No risk of running into dyspeptic local blogger Learned Foot

8) Bar management very tolerant of alternative lifestyles

7) Keegan's has the best looking waitresses this side of the Edinburgh Hooters

6) It beats Schlitz and Marlboro Lights Night at Irv's Bar

5) To hear Chad the Elder use words like "strong mouth feel"

4) James Lileks promises to do his Scottie from Star Trek imitation all night along

3) The post-tasting "Braveheart" reenactment in the parking lot where Marty Newton is drawn and quartered is worth the price of admission all by itself

2) Mitch Berg's tribute to Bruce Springsteen on the bag pipes

1) With all those Scotsmen in attendance, it's a rare opportunity to see Niihlist in Golfpants when he's not the cheapest SOB in the room


Anonymous Just A Cigar said...

The presence of powerful men smoking cigars will allow you to recycle all those killer Monica Lewinski jokes.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Night Writer said...

The post-tasting Braveheart re-enactment must have replaced the free tongue-shavings offered to all scotch and cigar tasters by Fuzzy Nietzsche.

Still, it sounds like it will be a lovely evening, but instead I'll be watching Foot handle deadly fireworks.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Leslie Bates said...

Too bad I don't drink anymore.


9:56 PM  
Blogger R-Five said...

Isn't that Marty Neuman(n), not Newton? How many drams did you have when you posted this?

8:15 AM  

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