Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm So Excited

The number one complaint I get when I meet readers of this blog is that I shouldn't have NDNation on my top 11 blog roll. Technically it is a message board, but my blogroll represents who I'm reading. Invariably, the complaint comes from someone who thinks their blog should replace NDNation.

I usually tell these jackholes the following:

Look bud, NDNation contains several different message boards that features comments from people who are predominantly Notre Dame alumni. Rock's House addresses Irish Football, which I care passionately about. But the real value to a non-ND related audience is the Back Room, which contains interesting comments from a variety of perspectives on the issues of the day. It should be a daily read for any intelligent person.

To back up my point, this Youtube clip was posted in the Back Room today:

The clip is only 22 seconds and I strongly recommend that you check it out.


Anonymous Diamond Dog said...

May I have the last 22 seconds of my life back, please?

5:36 AM  

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