Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stuck In The Middle With You

Poor Joe Lieberman. He has followed his conscience and been his own man and what does he have to show for it? A severe test from some nutball isolationist liberal in his primary.

Wouldn't he prefer the fortunes of John McCain? Every time McCain tweaks Republican leadership he is rewarded with kudos from the media for being his independent thinking. I guess the media might hold a slight double standard.

Here is a compare and contrast of the two moderate Senators in top 11 format:

11. Both men support the Iraq war effort but have questioned the Bush administration execution

10. Lieberman was the VP nominee of his party in 2000

9. McCain was soundly defeated for the Presidential nomination of his party in 2000

8. Both were in the "Gang of 14" Senators that prevented a Senate confrontation on the use of filibuster related to judicial nominees

7. The mainstream media often uses the positive term "Maverick" for John McCain

6. McCain was rumored to be considered running mate for 2004 Democrat nominee John Kerry

5. Lieberman is accused of being a Democrat In Name Only, and sounding like a Republican

4. Lieberman looks and sounds like the Dad from Alf

3. McCain looks and sounds like Statler from The Muppet Show, or is it Waldorf?

2. McCain spent over five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp where he was forcibly tortured, receiving severe beatings.

1. Lieberman spent a year campaigning with Al Gore, where he was forced to listen to lengthy Gore speeches.


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