Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Top 11 Explanations For That Video Of Connie Chung Attempting to Sing

Our good friend JPod at the Corner points us to this inexplicable video from the last episode of MSNBC’s Maury and Connie show where Connie Chung attempts to perform a variation of “Thanks for the Memories”. Here are our top11 attempts to explain the inexplicable:

11. Was tired of doing TV and didn’t want anyone to try to lure her out of retirement

10. Was jealous of the attention Shatner and Nimoy were getting

9. Wants to be the next American Idol

8. Maury has been embarrassing her for years and it was time for some payback

7. Watched “The Fabulous Baker Boys” the night before

6. Gave all of her medication to Howard Dean because she felt he needed it more

5. Wanted to see if she could get Bob Hope to roll over in his grave

4. Everyone assured her that she sounded great in rehearsal

3. Heard that the Dixie Chicks were looking for a new singer

2. Since she was on MSNBC, she didn’t think anyone would be watching anyway

1. Some people will do anything for a Corner link


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