Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top 11 New Nicknames For The University Of North Dakota Fighting Sioux

King Banaian notes that Nick Coleman has come out with a column calling on the North Dakota Fighting Sioux to change their nickname. I don’t normally agree with Nick, but UND is a hated rival of my Gopher hockey team and as a rule I favor anything that inconveniences them. Thus, I demand that they change their nickname to one of these:

11. Brokenbacks

10. Casino Magnates

9. Hairy-Backed Swamp Developers

8. Bobbyknights

7. Hacking Divers

6. Fighting Nazis (Hey, if naming your team after a group is offensive to that group, who better to offend than the Nazis?)

5. Impotent Bureaucrats Who Exercise Their Petty Power In Such A Way As To Create The Self-Delusion That They Are Actually Doing Something To Benefit Society

4. Gopher Rejects

3. Gopher Biotches

2. Nikes

1. Seminoles


Blogger shyestviolet said...

perfect, perfect :D gopher biotches, indeed...

1:12 PM  

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