Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Top 8 Events Democrats (Might) Consider too Solemn to Politicize

We now know that Democrats consider funerals to be an ideal venue for their lame partisan vitriol, but there may be some events that even they consider too solemn for such behavior:

8. The performance of a partial-birth abortion

7. The burning of a Danish embassy

6. The Gay Men's Chorus Float in the Pride Parade

5. Al Franken's radio show

4. The gay marriage of two long oppressed gay shepherds

3. The swearing in of a 15 year old boy as the Fire Chief of MPLS.

2. The eventual razing of First Avenue to build an Applebee's

1. The opening of a new light rail transit station


Blogger Douglas said...

This could open up a whole new domain of politicized events. Why stop at funerals (dispatchings)? Why not include wedding and baptisms, hatchings and matchings?

6:19 PM  

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