Friday, February 03, 2006

Top 11 Mary Katherine Ham Insights

As found on Hugh's site, "Rising star of the blogosphere" Mary Katherine (the) Ham writes a piece saying how the internet is good, for... getting stuff you can't get elsewhere.

Who knew?

Top 11 Mary Katherine Ham Insights Soon To Appear On HH's Site:

11. The Beatles were a pretty good rock band

10. Dunking Oreos in milk makes them taste better

09. Gone With The Wind was a very entertaining motion picture

08. Wayne Gretzky may have been one of the best hockey players ever--I don't care what anybody says

07. CNN is biased to the left a bit

06. Democrats are so stupid

05. If you hit shift on your keyboard, you can type in capital letters

04. That email from the crown prince of Nigeria offering to transfer his fortune to you if you give him your checking account number might be a scam

03. Showers can be very refreshing

02. Puppies are cute

01. That Fred Barnes sure can talk


Blogger Dan S. said...

That post excepted, I like Mary Katherine Ham.

I also think it's nice of her to occasionally let Hugh guest-blog on her site.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth is, Mary Katharine Ham was talking about how cool it is that she can buy the recently discontinued Vanilla Coke from a vendor on Ebay, whereas prior to Al Gore's creation of the internet, she woulda been outta luck.

Your remarks imply she was Paris Hilton discovering the wheel or something.

1:05 AM  

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