Saturday, February 04, 2006

Modern Mythology As Told By The Nihilist

Mythology is the method that the ancients used in order to create an explanation for the truths of the world that they didn't understand. Here is a cute little Chinese story explaining how the tiger got his stripes.

Today however, with advances in science, we have explanations for most of the things that the ancients explained using their quaint mythological stories. Therefore, one would think that there is no need for mythology anymore. That assertion would be wrong. There are many things that cannot be known to man that could use mythological explanations. Some modern myths are true and others are merely urban legends. This web site explains which "urban myths" are factually based ans which are fictional.

We at NIGP are aware of many modern myths and plan to enlighten our audience on several of them. Today's myth provides a possible explanation for one of the most unique names in television today.

How Oprah Got Her Name
Once upon a time a little girl was born in Mississippi to two poor unmarried parents. They shipped her around to live with various relatives. As a pre-teen she was severely abused by an older relative's boyfriend. At that point, the previously normal girl completely quit speaking. She went years without uttering a word. Her grandmother, a Marx Brothers fan, nicknamed her Harpo, after the Marx Brother who never spoke in films. The nickname caught on and she became known as Harpo.

Several years later as a teenager, Harpo received the extensive counseling she needed and began speaking again, although sever weight issues continued to plague her. Eventually she spoke so much that her family decided she had become the opposite of the silent character upon which her nickname was based. Someone eventually turned her nickname backwards and Harpo became Oprah. She has been known as Oprah ever since, and grew up to become one of televisions most powerful forces. In memory of her old nickname, she named her television production company Harpo Productions. Today, nearly everyone in the America recognizes Oprah.


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