Thursday, November 17, 2005

Top 11 Ways to Pick Up the Spirits of Republicans

I haven’t seen Republicans this down in quite awhile. Even Hugh Hewitt seems depressed. Here are the top 11 ways we can pick ourselves up:

11. Name the state of Vermont after Ronald Reagan.
10. Hold dramatic readings of Barbara Boxer’s new novel.
9. CelebrateKiller Rabbit Dayearly.
8. Be thankful that Paris Hilton broke off her engagement with that guy named Paris alleviating much confusion.
7. Repeat over and over to yourself: “Howard Dean is Chairman of the Democratic National Committee”
6. Read this article about Hollywood liberals trying to convince Al Gore to run again in 2008.
5. Don’t forget about the riots in France.
4. The new season of the O.C. has been pretty solid even without Caleb.
3. They haven’t taken away the 21st amendment yet.
2. Console yourself that if the Democrats do regain power they will be very vigilant to the threat of Christian extremist terrorism.
1. Keep your eye on the prize: Halliburton stock went back up over 60 today.


Blogger Just Me said...

Actually, I like the comment that Al Gore would appeal to "hard-core liberals who may find (Hilary) Clinton too moderate."

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Stalker said...

About Civil War in France, these 4 texts :

Bellum civile 1 (Civil War in Paris) :

Bellum civile 2 (Civil War in France) :

Le temps des kaïra (Time of the "Kaira":

Notre société a généré un monstre (The monster inside) :

Bellum civile 3 (Martial Law in France) :

4:11 AM  

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