Saturday, November 12, 2005

Top 11 Snippets of Conversation Overheard During Bank Robberies by the Cell Phone Bandit

Several bank robberies have recently been committed by a woman talking on a cell phone. Here are the top 11 snippets of conversation overheard during the robberies:

11. “Hi hon, I’m at the bank. Do you want me to pick you up anything?”

10. “Morning glory and evening grace, Hugh.”

9. “All right, already, I’ll be out to the polls to vote for Chris Coleman as soon as I’m done here.”

8. “Hello police? There’s no one robbing the Wachovia bank over on Parkhurst Plaza, or anything, so just relax and take a donut break or something.”

7. “Okay Dick, I’ve got the money. Should I drop it by your office or take it directly to Halliburton?”

6. “John Hinderaker? I’m just calling to confirm that my retainer is up to date.”

5. “I’m wearing a leather teddy with knee-high boots. What are you wearing?”

4. “Hello channel 9, I’d like to compliment you on your Gopher hockey team underage drinking story. Don’t let anyone talk you into covering some boring old bank robberies instead. ”

3. “As a matter of fact, my house could use some new siding. Can I pay you in cash?”

2. “Like, robbing banks is boring. I’ll meet you at the mall.”

1. “Oh, hello Ambassador Wilson ………. No, there’s no bank robbery going on here, it must be another Bush administration lie …………….. Sure, no problem.”


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