Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Top 11 Reasons Tom Cruise Was Fired

11. Demanded personal flying saucer parking space on lot

10. Performed one flyby too many

09. His ego kept writing checks that his body couldn't cash

08. Violated code of conduct by filing for fraudulent paternity leave

07. Has been impossible to work with since he didn't get the lead in Brokeback II: Brokeback Boogaloo

06. Studio head didn't want their wholesome Hollywood business to get flaky or weird

05. Wasted company time googling "Tom Cruise gay"

04. After ninth office redecoration, enough was enough

03. One too many employees yelled "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" to Paramount president

02. A sham marriage was one thing, a sham baby another

01. New company policy requiring actors to have talent


Anonymous golf schools said...

Ok, now *that* is funny. Tom Cruise is such a moron. BTW... have you ever serached for scientology info online? you wouldn't believe what they actually think is true. I won't ruin it for you... go look yourself!

2:14 PM  

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