Monday, August 14, 2006

CVG: Live Blog of The Vikings-Raiders Game

CYNICAL VIKINGS GUY here with a live blog of the Vikings-Raiders game.

6:55 PM: The NFL proves once again how they hate the Vikings and their fans by making us the last team to play a pre-season game. There is a lot riding on this game for new Vikings coach Brad Childress. In a recent NIGP poll, 28% are holding off to see what happens tonight before calling for Childress’ head. Childress is already on thin ice for failing to add a decent running back and a backup QB among other things.

Of course, what everyone is talking about is the return of the greatest wide receiver in Minnesota Viking history, Randy Moss. It is also a great opportunity for his replacement, Troy Williamson, to prove that he is better than the steaming pile of dung he appeared to be most of last season.

7:02 PM: Vikings win the toss and elect to receive! The season is starting off on the right note! This should bode well for the Vikes in ’06.

7:07 PM: Troy Williamson fumbles the opening kickoff. This season is over. Fire Childress now while we can still salvage something from the season.

This live blog is over.


Blogger Chad The Elder said...

I just saw Michael Brodkorb on the news. He really needs to raise his profile a bit.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous John F Not Kerry said...

Typical fair-weather Vikings fan. I understand your cynicism, as one who lives in Savage,MN yet roots for a team who shall remain nameless due to some pushing and trade deficit issues from the distant past. Buck up, little cynical one, and wait until the Vikes lose the first regular season game to give up on them.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

CVG - I loved the length of your live blogging. Has anyone started up yet?

Without your permission I linked your top 11 worst Vikings moments on my new blog. Iloved that post, very funny.

5:41 PM  

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