Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Rug Doctor Is In

Among some of my friends, I am known to be a pretty good spotter of toupees. Lately I have also realized my talent extends to plug-spotting as well. I recently nailed the obvious hair planting that took place on Mel Gibson's melon while in line at WalMart. Look at that fresh row of hair planted in the front. Clearly plugs.

They're not as bad as the King Of All Plugs, but still.

And I don't know why it took me so long to notice, but both of the dull, milquetoast oafs that broadcast the Twins games on channel 29 have funny business going on with their hair ("I like-ah the joke but I no like-ah the funny beez-a-neez!").

Burt, the more dim-witted of the two (he said the words "indecisive decision" at least four times the other night) looks to be sporting plugs while Dick seems to have some kind of small animal installed on top of his noggin.

Why can't a man just accept his fate and let that head shine? Dan Gladden (also pictured in the above link) looks like he realizes how silly these rugs and plugs look. But, he's in radio (insert Mitch Berg NARN joke here).


Check out this link for a nice analysis of John Travolta's toop.


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