Monday, August 07, 2006

Top 11 Reasons That Andrew Sullivan Is Having A Spat With Hugh Hewitt

11. Jealous that Hugh looks better in Dockers.

10. Angry that Hugh stole his Baked Alaska recipe.

9. Wishes he could work with a bear like Duane.

8. Not really angry, just feeling hormonal lately.

7. Jealous of Hugh's superior knowledge of show tunes.

6. Mad that Hugh stuck his finger in his peanut butter (who knows where that finger's been?)

5. That tree Hugh ran into with his snowmobile happened to be Andrew’s favorite tree in the whole wide world.

4. Dr. Neal Clark Warren wouldn't find him a soul mate.

3. Hugh refuses to introduce him to his friends, "The Big Trunk" and "Hindrocket."

2. Jealous of Hugh's naturally high level of testosterone.

1. Hugh acted like he didn’t even know him when they ran into each other on the beach at P-Town.


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