Friday, July 28, 2006

Lauren Green--The Worst Small-Talker Ever

Like a good conservative, every morning I enjoy the antics of Fox and Friends whilst I peruse the Wall Street Journal. There's a fun element to how they cover stories and it's generally a good program.

But when Minnesota's Lauren Green comes on to read the news--pain. Pain of listening to her stumble over her copy day after day after day. And when it comes to banter, forget about it. She seriously has zero ability to make witty comments at the right moments (or any moments for that matter).

Every other correspondent who comes on can kid with the hosts--Kelly Wright, Megan Kendall, that delicious Molly Henneberg (some headshots of the gals here) but Lauren is so self-conscious I'm actually embarassed for her and often have to turn down the volume.

She is pretty hot though.

But anyway, given Ms. Green's leaden perfomances every morning I was surprised to see a bit about her in today's Strib:

For those who didn't know her from her pageant days, the loosey-goosey Green was a bit of a revelation. "Fox & Friends," the most-watched cable-news morning show, may sometimes resemble an unsupervised detention room, but Green, as the news reader, almost always appears stoic and centered.

"It's easier for me to be the serious one, because that's who I am," said Green.

You're the serious one, eh? The article had just got done saying what a loon she was at the Miss Minnesota beauty contest:

Sitting in the front row for a beauty pageant with "Fox & Friends" news anchor Lauren Green is a lot like watching a baseball game from behind home plate with Johnny Kruk.

It's a hoot.

Throughout the Miss Minnesota ceremonies last month, she hooted for a family friend, grimaced through a poorly chosen piano piece, exalted the merits of the one-piece bikini and was visibly moved during one young woman's vocal performance of Puccini's "Nessun Dorma."

So is she serious or a hoot? Or just a beauty-ful (say in Archie Bunker voice) and talented (she plays piano) woman who probably shouldn't be on TV?


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