Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Amazing Punditry of Sisyphus

Notwithstanding Cap'n Ed's stool, the world hasn't seen a piece of political punditry like Sisyphus' prediction of a 3 point win for Ed Lamont over Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary today.

However, I'm here to talk classic '80s television. Now we all know that Joe Lieberman is practically the identical twin of Max Wright (aka the dad from ALF).

Do you remember the classic episode of Cheers where Sam is dating a city councilwoman named Janet Eldridge (Kate Mulgrew)? Although they don't ever call her a Republican, she is a pro-business and disagrees with everything Diane (an obvious liberal) believes. Diane, in a fit of jealousy decides to help campaign for her opponent named Jim Fleener, played by none other than Max Wright.

Max literally is Joe Lieberman. He is indecisive, uninspiring and weak. He even comes up with a slogan as lame as Joe-mentum. His campaign buttons say "Wim with Jim", leading to this exchange between Diane and Carla:

Carla: "Wim with Jim?"
Diane: I thought it up. It's very Joycian.
Carla: If that means stupid, I agree.

I am sick of everyone on the right bemoaning the fate of Joe Lieberman. He may be an honorable opponent. However if the Democrats want to marginalize themselves by creating litmus tests that trip up their own party leadership from as recently as six years ago, I say huzzah. They are on their way to irrelevancy.


Blogger Jeff said...

Wim with Jim!, and Woe with Joe!

(Oh, wait, I guess that isn't a very good victory slogan.)

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the democrat party has became more and more radical. chomsky and moore must be proud of it.
thats not a good thing for america,even if you are a conservative
lieberman, tanguieff et al are a hope

11:21 PM  

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