Friday, March 31, 2006

Top 11 Reasons George W. Bush Held A Summit Meeting In Cancun

11. Bring Jenna back from spring break

10. Secure cheap crappy jewelry as anniversary present for Laura

9. Work out a deal to deport Ruben Rosario

8. Buy a stuffed frog playing guitar to decorate his desk in the Oval Office

7. $9.99 Lobster dinner

6. Work on that tan (it's a long time until his July/August/September vacation back at the ranch)

5. Wet Tee Shirt contest at Senor Frogs

4. Wanted to see the places that Dora is always exploring

3. Look for a few good roofers for upcoming White House renovation

2. See if food at Taco Bell in Mexico is as good as Taco Bell in US

1. Stop by MTV's Spring Break - Cancun and consult with Bill Clinton about Hurricane Katrina relief


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