Monday, March 27, 2006

Top 11 Worst Losses In Gopher Hockey History

11. 1980 Loss to Northern Michigan in first round of the NCAA tournament because half of our team was busy winning the Olympic Gold Medal

10. 1988 National semi-final loss to St. Lawrence

9. 1985 A 4-1 playoff loss to BC after winning the first game of the two-game total goals series 7-5

8. 2000 Shut out 5-0 at home by St. Cloud State

7. 1981 NCAA national championship game loss to Wisconsin

6. 1997 A 7-4 loss to Michigan in the NCAA tournament that was the beginning of the dark age of Gopher hockey (1997-2000)

5. 2001 Regional semi-final against Maine when Hauser gave the game away in OT.

4. 2006 The recent embarrassment against Holy Cross in the regional semi-final

3. 1998 WCHA Playoff 5-4 loss to UMD when they led 4-0 in the third period. After splitting the first two games of the series, the Gophers had one of the worst meltdowns in college hockey history in the deciding game. This is when you knew that Woog was done.

2. 1996 NCAA regional final against Michigan when Legg scored that "scoop" goal. This one still haunts because that goal is replayed even today.

1. 1989 National Championship game against Harvard. Randy Skarda hits the pipe in OT, some chucklehead for Harvard hits the net, and the Gophers lose in St. Paul.


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