Friday, March 24, 2006

F Tha Police 2006

Dave from the Fresno Chapter of Drinkers Against Mad Mothers submits these updated lyrics to the NWA classic "F Tha Police"

He is apparently tired of the long arm of the law that is now reaching out to bust drunks who haven't even stepped into their vehicles yet.

F tha police and I said it slurringly
Because the drunks on the street is a majority
A bar is where I do my drinkin'
And 2-3 fifths are always kept in
My glove box, for the so-called law
Wishin' I was a drunk that they never saw
Lights start flashin' behind me
Society's scared of a drunk so they try to breathalyze me
But that doesn’t work, my lawyer just laughs
"All he had was a pint and some Jack"
For police, I'm sayin' "Let me be drunk!"
This point-oh-eight stuff is total bunk!
Making me do all them stupid tricks
On the side of the road I look like a...
And now they try to nab me while I'm still in the club
Hasslin' on me as I dance to some dub
But I know my rights and they aint got crap
I sure aint fallin' for no fascist trap!
So I'm callin' Hinderocker, maybe Johnson too
Whip me up some technicality stew
So get off my back and let me drink
It's my life...I think


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