Friday, February 17, 2006

Top 11 Questions That Hugh Hewitt Will Ask Joe Sakic If He Interviews Him

Rumor has it that shock jock Hugh Hewitt is planning to interview Joe Sakic as part of his on-going campaign to prove that he actually knows who Joe Sakic is. We have obtained an exclusive copy of the list of questions that Hugh plans on asking Sakic and present the Top 11 here:

11. What do you do for a living?

10. Do you read the Los Angeles Times?

9. How does it feel to play for an organization with such a long standing tradition?

8. What was it like playing with a legend like John Elway?

7. Tell us how important it is in NHL hockey to get off to a good start in the first quarter.

6. Admit it, you have no idea where the puck is most of the time either, do you?

5. Have you seen those Mighty Ducks movies?

4. What's the deal with this whole "icing" thing anyway?

3. Is it called the Stanley Cup because it’s sponsored by Sears?

2. Does it really do anything to sweep the ice in front of the puck with those little brooms?

1. Can I have the title: “Superintendent of Joe Sakic’s Cup”?


Blogger hammerswing75 said...

That was a slapshot in the groin (does Hugh wear a cup?) Scary thought, nevermind.

9:55 PM  

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