Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Top 11 Reasons Why Captain Ed Is Featured in Playboy Magazine

11. They were doing a feature on Call Center Managers of the Midwest.

10. Hef trying to wrangle an invitation to the Captain's Quarters Mansion.

9. David Strom turned them down for moral reasons.

8. The writer wanted to feature Saint Paul, but Hef nixed that out of jealousy.

7. A live blogger is needed for the next Playboy Mansion party.

6. Hindrocket and the Big Trunk were thought more appropriate for a Playgirl article.

5. If Playboy is ever banned in Canada they want to be able to use Captain's Quarters to reach their Canadian customers.

4. Dafydd ab Hugh is actually Hugh Heffner's nom de blog.

3. Word leaked out that People Magazine was about to name Ed "Sexiest Man Alive" and they wanted to get on the bandwagon first.

2. It was the best forum to announce Ed's promotion to Rear Admiral.

1. They were just using Ed to get to Michelle Malkin.


Anonymous Hugh Gass said...

13. Special investigative article about Biggest Boobs on the Internet

12. They thought his name was actually "Captain Head"

1:46 PM  
Blogger babs said...

Ooooh. Not the dreaded "rear admiral"

11:21 PM  

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