Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Top 11 Questions I Would Ask John Roberts If I Were On The Senate Judiciary Committee

11. Keeping in mind that you are under oath, give me your best estimate of Senator Biden’s IQ.
10. Give me three examples each where you were sexist, racist, or mean to puppies – and don’t try to dodge the question.
9. Hypothetically, if someone bet on a college football team and honestly didn’t know that said team had recently hired David Wannstedt as head coach, should the naïve bettor be given a refund by the casino?
8. Do you side with, JB Doubtless and Sharon Osbourne or Learned Foot and Iron Maiden?
7. Would you allow your kids to visit the Neverland Ranch while Michael Jackson was present?
6. Is it just me or does Schumer look just like Tony Soprano?
5. Which do you prefer, comforting the comfortable or afflicting the afflicted?
4. Should the Randy Moss trade be nullified on the grounds that it is unconscionable?
3. Quien es mas macho, Senador Kohl o Senador Feinstein?
2. As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, what will you do to pump up Halliburton’s stock price?
1. You’re not going to pull a Souter, are you?


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