Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top 11 Reasons Daunte Culpepper Wanted to be Traded to Miami

11. Much more convenient to Atlanta and their prime hookers

10. Vikings refused to reward his lousy year capped by a serious knee injury with a huge raise

9. Sex cruises run year-round

8. No one in Miami thinks he has small hands

7. Tired of being overshadowed by the dominating Gopher hockey team

6. Doesn’t want to play in a metro area with “Brokeback Mayors”

5. Bored with beating the Green Bay packers twice a year

4. Chance to hangout with Shaq

3. His favorite TV show has always been “Miami Vice”

2. Thinks that being near a large body of water will somehow reduce his fumbling

1. Dolphin fans unlikely to call for Sage Rosenfels to take over the staring job – at least for the first few weeks


Blogger Chad The Elder said...

12. Couldn't handle playing for an owner named Ziggy.

13. After all the vicious criticism directed at him by Sid Hartman, he was looking for a more friendly media environment.

14. Most Miami fans too laid back to boo after your third fumble of the game.

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