Monday, March 13, 2006

Riddle Me This

Q: How is an Iranian union like the United States Congress?

A: The Iranian confectioners union adopted a silly and ineffective tactic used by congress to express outrage against a foreign action they didn't like.

It seems that Iranians have a fondness for the pastries known throughout the world as Danish. However, as they burn things in protest of Denmark's policy allowing a free press to publish cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad, the confectioners union has decided to change the name of the Danish pastries to "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad."

This occurs a few years after an effort led by the United States Congress to rename French Toast and French Fries at the Capitol Cafeteria after the French government made statements critical of the American-led invasion of Iraq. Remember Freedom Fries? That showed those frogs!

Hopefully the Iranian government will follow the lead of the confectioners in emulating the US Congress, allocating too much of their budget on failed social programs and grandstanding gestures. If so, they will be rendered a feeble and unthreatening enemy to all but their own people.


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